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Zootys Boutique

So What Is Zootys Exactly?

Photo of Amy Thomas - Founder and Owner of Zootys Boutique in Temple, Texas

History: I had the privilege to grow up in Temple, Texas; in fact, I was born at the old Scott and White Hospital located on West Avenue G. I attended Temple public schools and graduated from Temple High School.

My partner in life and in business and I married while attending Baylor University in Waco, Texas. We married while my husband Lloyd had a year left before graduation; receiving my diploma was a year and one half later.

Lloyd and I have been blessed with two daughters, Lauren and Meg. Lauren and Scott have blessed us with two grandsons, Aaron and John. Meg and Jerry have blessed us with Thomas and Louella.

My family has always been in the real estate business, first, farms and ranches; now, we are primarily site selection, development and commercial real estate. My sister and I were raised in the business! At ten years old, I was taught to make copies of contracts, go to the banks, and most importantly, to answer the phone correctly.

In 2009 I wanted to do something completely different with my life…I needed a change! With my husband’s full support, he asked me what I wanted to do. Of all things, I told him I wanted to open a monogram shop! I thought I would probably run the shop for about three years and then go back to the office! (ha, ha, ha)

My grandmother and my mother always had everything personalized which my grandmother did by hand. I always loved personalized clothing, linens and towels; these personalized treasures of my grandmother and mother brought back such happy memories to me. I wanted to share my knowledge of monogramming to make others feel the special joy I had through my life of monograms.

Nearly fifteen years have passed, I have expanded twice. My customers would come in and ask why I did not carry more clothes. I started ordering a few clothes to be monogrammed and then more clothes. I had made so many friends doing their monogramming and then they started coming in to buy clothes. I have been blessed.

Now the only monogramming I do is quilts from the shop as well as Oh Mint backpacks. I refer customers who still bring in outside monogramming to someone I highly recommend.

Name of Zootys: People often ask me where the name Zootys was derived. I always smile and say my mother! My mother would always ask my sister and me what zooty looking outfit we were planning to wear or what type of zooty shoes we were going to wear with the new outfit. If anyone remembers my mother Dorothy Ann Cox Aldrich, this was an understatement.

Dorothy Ann Cox Aldrich would always say:
“You will feel better once you put on some lipstick!”

My grandmother, Mildred Lee Pitts Cox would always say:
“When you feel your worst, look your best!”

Zootys has definitely been a family endeavor! My husband keeps Zootys books; our daughter, Lauren, acts as model, does our social media, and goes to market with me. Meg is also a model and been a great cheerleader from Colorado as she is the champion for getting new followers!

When you arrive at Zootys you will be personally greeted and offered a bottled water. Generally, a few little goodies are placed near the hot pink chairs, the heart of Zootys. Many visits have been made by Zootys customers, new friends made, tissues offered to dry tears, prayers have been said, but most importantly, it’s a place to visit and laugh.

I will be honest with you, Zootys has had a few potholes in the fifteen years of doing business. The shop continues to thrive and flourish. I thank my husband and daughters and I thank my family members who are no longer with me but continue watching over me.

My goal is to make customers feel loved and to look great! I love building wardrobes for my customers and to show what is the most flattering look for the customers’ shape!

From the heart,